Are you ready to build your career in the most emerging technologies of this decade ?

Magnibot offering virtual internship program for everyone irrespective of your age or experience or education background. Our aim is to help the people gain knowledge and experience in the most emerging areas such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Mobile Application Development, Web Design and Development, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence where people can build a lucrative career

How to get started with the Internship Program?

Check your Aptitude

The very first hurdle on your success path is to find your passion and ability on virtual learning. To test your self-learning ability and patience, complete the 3.5 hours online course in Udemy. This course will help you gain knowledge on one of our core area "Robotic Process Automation". By completing this course, you will realize your strength and weaknesses in virtual learning and that will give you a confidence to proceed further.

Robotic Process Automation: RPA Introduction Masterclass

Register for Internship

Only after you complete the above course, register for internship by sending your CV and above course completion certificate at Upon reviewing the application, Magnibot team will get in touch with you within 5 working days and provide you with Internship Project details and guidelines.

Why you should do this Internship Program?


Learning and mastering the subject is the key for success. In this Internship Program, we guide you through the Virtual Learning contents and help you gain mastery in the technology.


We provide practice challenges, projects and guidance to build designs, solutions and applications which will help you practice and gain mastery in the subject.


Upon completion of the Internship period, you will be gained a set of certifications as part of the learning. Based on the completion of projects and assignments, you will be received an Internship Completion Certificate and 6 months experience letter which will help you showcase your expertise on the subject.


At the end of Internship, we will help you create your CV and train you to attend the interviews. If you are interested to start-up your own company, we will help you with all guidance and support. We also hire the exceptional talents in our team based on your performance during Internship period.